Welcome to our Home page of our website. Please note that at this stage our link to submitting an email on the tab is currently out of use, therefore all contacts to be directed to our Secretary.

Please note we are advertising for tenders for the 2016 Narrogin Spring Show - go to tab Annual Show on our website for more details.

This information is also available on our Facebook page and will be advertised in our local newspaper.


SHOW OFFICE OPENING HOURS - To be advised at a later date

 The NAS office is generally unattended except at show time. Please see committee for contact details


2016 Show Committee:

President:    Vicki Chadwick 0408 951 643

Secretary:    Fran Shales (Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Treasurer:    Michelle Flynn 

Stall Co-ordinator/Chief Steward: Jenny Ettridge (please contact Secretary via email in regard to stalls)

Entertainment: Ashley Nardini

Keith Guest, Bevan Steel, Caterina Raineri, Tegan Madson, Kerry Suckling, Bonnie O'Dea, Ann-Marie Hayes


All enquiries to be related to our Secretary as per above email address